Bingo Stories

Floor Slippery When Wet

It had rained buckets a few hours earlier in the day and it was pretty messy outside. We decided to go to bingo to pass some time away and maybe hit the JP which was in 60 numbers and had not gone yet.

Dauber Head

One evening a few years ago, my ex-husband, myself and my sister went to the evening bingo at one of our local bingo halls here where we live in Regina,Saskatchewan.

Bingo Neighbours

My new mother, and two sisters-in-law took me to a bingo in Warwick R.I. shortly after my second husband and I were married. It was a relatively small bingo hall and it was packed to the rafters.

Bingo Police!

I was playing online bingo at Paramount Bingo. It was my first time, and I couldn’t believe that I had won! I was so happy that I started Screaming. I guess I must have been screaming too loud, because the next thing that…

Bringing the Hubby to Bingo

I took my hubby to bingo for the first time and as we were standing in line to get our cards he jumped. I asked what was wrong cause he looked shocked. After we sat down he told me

Daubers Can Make Such A Mess!

It was a Halloween costume contest at one of the local bingo halls. I thought I would dress up as Thelma Harper. So I used a cushion to make a big butt like hers and thought I would get cute and use ballons to make my top half big like hers.

Bingo Can Kill!

I was playing bingo while grandbabys where watching with one number to go, G59, I kept saying please, please..

Bingo on the Radio

I was playing bingo with one of my bingo buddies online going on about how I wanted to stay home and play bingo instead of going to work. She lives in the States, Florida and I am in Canada, Ontario.

It only takes one card to win!

When I go to bingo I always tell my hubby it only costs about $40.00 to play.

Why I love Bingo

I started playing online bingo 2 1/2 years ago. I’m a stay at home mom with not many neighbors or friends where we moved in Ohio.

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